ProtocolData  Application Framework Systematic Review


A bayesian approach for suspicious financial activity reporting

A Bayesian approach to detect the firms with material weakness in internal control

A Decision Tree and Naïve Bayes algorithm for income tax prediction

A general process mining framework for correlating, predicting and clustering dynamic behavior based on event logs

A new approach for supply chain risk management: Mapping SCOR into Bayesian network

A novel framework for quantification of supply chain risks

A parallel algorithm for optimizing the capital structure contingent on maximum value at risk

A probabilistic approach for project cost estimation using Bayesian Networks

A Study on Delivery Evaluation under Asymmetric Information in the Mail-order Industry

AIRMS: A risk management tool using machine learning

An analytical framework for supply network risk propagation: A Bayesian network approach

An approach for reconciling different perspectives and stakeholder views on risk ranking

An effective contrast sequential pattern mining approach to taxpayer behavior analysis

An End-To-End Machine Learning Pipeline That Ensures Fairness Policies

An information system for assessing the likelihood of child labor in supplier locations leveraging Bayesian networks and text mining

Analysis of financial risk management based on fuzzy bp neural network model

Application of hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) and artificial neural networks (ANNs) approach in auditing

Applying hybrid Monte Carlo Tree Search methods to Risk-Aware Project Scheduling Problem

Artificial intelligence and reliability of accounting information

Auditing data reliability in international logistics an application of bayesian networks

Auditing for transparency in content personalization systems

Big data based fraud risk management at Alibaba

Business Process Deviance Mining: Review and Evaluation

Can Deep Learning Predict Risky Retail Investors? A Case Study in Financial Risk Behavior Forecasting

Causal data science for financial stress testing

Characterization and detection of taxpayers with false invoices using data mining techniques

Contextual Intelligence for Unified Data Governance

Current research trends and application areas of fuzzy and hybrid methods to the risk assessment of construction projects

Customs risk management based on outlier data mining

Data mining techniques applied in the financial industry

Detecting financial restatements using data mining techniques

Detecting the financial statement fraud: The analysis of the differences between data mining techniques and experts’ judgments

Efficient Simulation of Financial Stress Testing Scenarios with Suppes-Bayes Causal Networks

Embracing textual data analytics in auditing with deep learning

Empirical research on internal control of papermaking enterprise accounting information construction based on cloud computing

Empirical research on risk index system of state-owned enterprise based on data mining

Enterprise internal control system model based on workflow mining

Eunomos, A legal document and knowledge management system for regulatory compliance

Explaining non-compliance of business process models through automated planning


Hybrid association rule learning and process mining for fraud detection

Improvement of decisions about project risk management based on bayesian network

Improving documentation by repairing event logs

Improving documentation by repairing event logs

Incorporated intangible assets with a multiple-agent decision tree for financial crisis prediction

Information Extraction of Regulatory Enforcement Actions: From Anti-Money Laundering Compliance to Countering Terrorism Finance

Integrated Business Prestige and Artificial Intelligence for Corporate Decision Making in Dynamic Environments

Integrated news mining technique and AI-based mechanism for corporate performance forecasting

Integrating legal-URN and eunomos: Towards a comprehensive compliance management solution

Internal control effectiveness – a clustering approach

Interventions over Predictions: Reframing the Ethical Debate for Actuarial Risk Assessment

Isolating modeling effects in offender risk assessment

Legal Engineering and its natural language processing

Lexicographic preferences for predictive modeling of human decision making: A new machine learning method with an application in accounting

Linked democracy 3.0: Global machine translated legislation in the age of AI

Machine interface for contracting assistance

Managing risk for business processes: A fuzzy based multi-agent system

Mine your own business”: Using process mining to turn big data into real value

Mining corporate annual reports for intelligent detection of financial statement fraud – A comparative study of machine learning methods

Money laundering identification on banking data using probabilistic relational audit sequential pattern

Natural Language Processing in Accounting, Auditing and Finance: A Synthesis of the Literature with a Roadmap for Future Research

New trends on CAATTs: What are the chartered accountants’ new challenges?

Object Oriented Bayesian Network for complex system risk assessment

Object-oriented Bayesian network for complex system risk assessment

Ongoing social sustainability compliance monitoring in supply chains

Operational risk modelling and organizational learning in structured finance operations: A Bayesian network approach

Optimization decision model of corporate financial risk management based on random demand

Outlier detection in audit logs for application systems

Predicting corporate financial sustainability using Novel Business Analytics

Predicting public procurement irregularity: An application of neural networks

Process mining in the large: A tutorial

Product Opinion Mining for Competitive Intelligence

Research on risk early-warning of information technology outsoucing project based on neural network

Research on the probability of supply chain risk transmission based on Bayesian network

Resolving Ambiguities in Regulations: Towards Achieving the Kohlbergian Stage of Principled Morality

Robust Regulation Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems

The emergence of artificial intelligence: How automation is changing auditing

The incremental informativeness of the sentiment of conference calls for internal control material weaknesses

The potential of QRA audit tools in industrial fire and explosion protection

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”—Artificial intelligence research in accounting

The risk evaluation model of construction project contract based on BP neural network

The role of roles in eunomos, a legal document and knowledge management system for regulatory compliance

Tie me to the mast: artificial intelligence & reputation risk management

Use of neural networks in risk assessment and optimization of insurance cover in innovative enterprises

Using artificial intelligence to support compliance with the general data protection regulation

Using deep Q-learning to understand the tax evasion behavior of risk-averse firms

Using of neural networks for risk-management of state investment projects

Who is Bogus?: Using One-Sided Labels to Identify Fraudulent Firms from Tax Returns