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-Biosketch [One-pager: LIFE] -Resumé [One-pager: ACADEMY] -Professional information (LinkedIn) -FULL Academic C.V. (Lattes Platform – PORTUGUESE)
The page Talks has a collection of Talks, Lectures and other Material usefull for Students.
The Easter-Egg Page  has a collection of Texts, Templates, Audios etc, all deemed useful for Students.

The page “Order of the Pen is a Gallery of my Top Students since 2007

The page Alumni has a collection of video-clips of my former Students talking about their work 

This page is the Official website of the FSS family of Optimization algorithms
This is the Official website of the IEEE LA-CCI Conference Series
The My First Book for Kids page, portrays the first book designed for teaching AI and Learning for Kids
Links is a collection of selected pages ranging from Museums to Information on home.
Research Students of PPG-EC put together a Blog to help other on their journey: PhD Hints
The Book On Rationality, Artificial Intelligence and Economics, features ground-breaking views on limits of AI and its implication in society, noticeably into Economics

COVID-19 Positive Message

2020 Campaign of the Science Academy of Pernambuco – Brazil 

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Highlighted Output


AI Research Teams headed by Prof. Fernando Buarque and located at the University of Pernambuco - Brazil


Open-Classroom is a Problem-Based Methodology for teaching Engineering (Flip, Maieutic, Dialectics)


Public Compliance target to support several Gubernatorial branches of the State of Pernambuco - Brazil


LiGOVs are AI (physical) Hubs for technological transfer between Academia-Government-Industry.


MonitorAR was a fast IOT response to COVID-19 produced by a tiger team of the School of Engineering (POLI-UPE)

Algorithm Design

FSS - Fish School Search is a family of Swarm Intelligence algorithm developed by Prof. Buarque and collaborators

Writing (for Kids)

My First AI Book is the first AI Book for Kids, which focuses on basic principles for learning. This is the teaser of a series


Rationality, AI and Economics features ground-breaking views on limits of AI and its implication in Society and Economics

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