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The Coaching page has a collection of Talks, Lectures and other Material usefull for Students.

The Easter-Egg Page  has a collection of Text, Template, Audio etc all deemed useful for Students.

The page “Order of the Pen is a Gallery of my Top Students since 2007

This page is the Official website of the FSS family of Optimization algorithms

This is the Official website of the IEEE LA-CCI Conference Series 

The My First Book for Kids page, portrays the first book designed for teaching AI and Learning for Kids 

Links is a collection of selected pages ranging from Museums to Information on home.

COVID-19 Positive Message

Campaign of the Science Academy of Pernambuco – Brazil 
(Portuguese –  April/2020)

Highlighted Output


FSS - Fish School Search
(Multi-Modal, Muti-Objective, Mixed-Representation Optimization Algorithm)


Compliance applications for several Gubernatorial branches of the State of Pernambuco


Open-Classroom is a Problem-Based Approach for teaching Engineering using Maieutic and Dialectics.


MonitorAR is a fast IOT response to COVID-19 produced by a tiger team of the School of Engineering.


My First AI Book - The First Book on AI and Leaning for Kids


IANE - Brazilian Northeastern Network of Artificial Intelligence


LiGOVs - They are AI Hubs for tech-transfer between Academia-Government.

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