What are we

We are a postgraduate research group in Computer Engineering from the University of Pernambuco, all members are public servants of the State of Pernambuco. We are committed to the correct application of the regiments, rules, standards, laws, policies and regulations of the Government. Our purpose is to pursuit research in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Compliance, in this sense we are working towards tackling the following goals:

(1) Deepening the understanding on how AI & Compliance could help to make public service more effective;

(2) Conceiving auditing and control methodologies for information systems, which make use of intensive intelligent technologies;

(3) Coaching Compliance practitioners on methodologies and tools for applications in preventive and repressive measures against non-compliant products and services (e.g. avoiding corruption, plan drifts, social wrongdoings, etc);

(4) Producing tools and a framework, Compliance read, for seminally support decision-making.