“Order of the Pen”

My Top Students

Every year, I undergo a very difficult task that is to identify the student, under my supervision, who excelled. As I am fortunate enough to be granted with a good share of remarkable students, the selection is becoming increasingly difficult by the year

The stringent criteria used to pick those that have transcended and run some extra-miles are:

1) Academic-scientific performance;

2) Character and responsibility;

3) Creativity and inventiveness;

4) Respect/concern for all colleagues, scholars, staff, and for the work itself.

Thus, all my selected students below do possess remarkable competence, hard-working drive, tenacity, lots of responsibility, autonomy, human-warmth, willingness to grow as a person, and one special identifiable feature (see them beside each student name).

-Huge congratulations!

As a sign of my admiration, and as a small token, please receive the most precious asset to this professor, my pen. This because it symbolically subsumes my most important values and, in practice, it was used to sign a few important documents throughout my travels and chores, always close to my heart 🙂