TALK: "Responsible AI"
(Recife/Brazil - Virtual)
[Portuguese] - November 2021

TUTORIAL: "Fish School Search for beginners"
(Temuco/Chile - Virtual)
[Spanish] - November 2021

TALK: "Leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution to Augment the Relevance and Quality of Higher Education Outcomes: A Global Perspective"
(Windhoek/Namibia - Virtual)
[English] - February 2021

TALK: "Curbing the data volume and combinatorial complexity on Gene Regulatory Networks with Swarm Intelligence"
(Akure/Nigeria - Virtual)
[English] - December 2020

TALK: "Inteligência Artificial e Novas Tecnologias (Transformação Digital para Contabilidade)"
(Recife/Brazil - Virtual)
[Portuguese] - October 2020

TALK: "Aulas Invertidas"
(San Pedro Sula/Honduras - Virtual)
[Spanish] - October 2020

TALK: "On Computational Semiotics"
(LA-CCI-2019 Guayaquil/Ecuador)
[English] - November 2019

TALK: "AI/CI a Primer"
(St John's College - Johannesburg/South Africa)
[English] - March 2018

TALK: "On AI/CI in Latin-America"
(LA-CCI-2016 Cartagena/Colombia)[English]- October 2016

LECTURE: "On Computational Intelligence"
(UPE/POLI Recife/Brazil)
[Portuguese] - August 2016

LECTURE: "A Stress-Free PhD"
[Portuguese] - October 2015