Manifesto 2021

LA-CCI is an acronym that refers to the Latin America Conference on Computational Intelligence (CI), which currently includes correspondents in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. In these Countries, there is sound research and active groups working in CI that are eager to develop the area and exchange experiences/personnel. As well as a Conference Series, LA-CCI is a structuring endeavor from LA-CIS (Latin American Computational Intelligence Society) that is encouraging research groups of these participating Countries to teams up around the exciting topic of Computational Intelligence. The seventh LA-CCI will be held in Temuco, Chile at the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO), in November (2 – 5th) of 2021. LACCI-2021 will be held joinly with the XVIth IEEE Latin American Summer School on Computational Intelligence (EVIC 2021). Temuco is a city in southern Chile with a population around 300,000 habitants. It is located in the Araucanía Region, a mainly agricultural and livestock region. The Araucanía Region was the last resistance bastion, the frontier (Frontera) against the Spanish colonization, this is why more than 23% of its population is from the Mapuche first people. The beauty of its geography, its parks, lakes, volcanoes and its coast make it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Chile. Established in 1981, Universidad de La Frontera is recognized as one of the leading accredited, autonomous state owned universities in the south of Chile. UFRO prides itself in providing its students with high quality educational undergraduate and graduate programs designed to compete in today’s global marketplace.
Overall, the objective of LA-CCI Series is to provide a high-level international stage and forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and educators to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views of the future research directions on Neural & Learning Systems, Fuzzy & Stochastic Modeling, Evolutionary & Swarm Computation, and their related applications. This year we will include a special topic on Ethical, Social and Environmental Implications of CI technology. Chile is experiencing some social changes and it is our interest to strengthen some particularly sensitive issues in our country, especially with regard to gender equity and interculturality. For this reason, LACCI gathers these relevant issues, emphasizing the importance of the diversity of visions regarding the development of new technologies. Every year the LA-CCI crowd visits Latin Countries to talk about Computational Intelligence. Past previous successful editions of LA-CCI were: 2019- Guayaquil, Ecuador; 2018 – Guadalajara/Mexico;  2017 – Arequipa/Peru; 2016 – Cartagena de Indias/Colombia; 2015 – Curitiba/Brazil; and in 2014 – San Carlos de Bariloche/Argentina. And always we are supported by national government and local societies. Since 2016, LA-CCI is officially sponsored by the prestigious IEEE and IEEE-CIS. Since its inception, the local organizers of LA-CCI and Steering Committee of LA-CIS have been caring greatly about future researchers so that this year we will offer again thematic sessions, school, and discussions-panels specially tailored for them. And as an additional self-imposed responsibility, the organizers found important to gather scholars, government officials and funding agencies representatives to discuss institutional approaches, internationalization policies and funding mechanisms that could be fostering R&D in CI for Latin American Countries. The joint organization team would like to encourage the participation of established scientists, young researchers and advanced students, not limited of Latin America Countries. It is important to notice that our Congress is organized by Latin Countries but aims at the international scientific community. Finally, it is always worth to state our main goals, namely:
(i) To be a notch scientific forum in Latin America;
(ii) To be a regional hub of CI practitioners and professionals;
(iii) To be a privileged showcase of CI to industry;
(iv) To be a springboard for students;
(v) To publicize CI research going on within LA-CCI Countries;
(vi) To encourage CI research links to the LA-CCI Countries;
(vii) To foster academic mobility in LA-CCI and beyond; and,
(viii) To promote Science & Culture for Latin America.
This manifesto was drafted on January 14th of 2020, and subsumes (as the predecessors) the rationale of the local organizer of 2019 IEEE LA-CCI alongside the Steering Committee of LA-CCI, who signed respectively in Chile and in Brazil.

Prof. Millaray Curilem Saldías, PhD – Universidad de la Frontera, Chile (General Chair, IEEE LA-CCI 2021)

Prof. Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto, DIC PhD – Universidade de Pernambuco, Brasil (Steering Committee Coordinator, LA-CCI Series)